Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Future

She has her whole life
all figured out
knows what she’s doing
without a doubt
she has it all planned
she has it all mapped
she knows how to succeed
she knows how to react
He’s ahead of the game
he’s completely prepared
he knows just what he’ll be
and he never is scared
he’s full of potential
his life is arranged
he has plans for this world
he will bring about change
What about me?
I haven’t a clue
about who I will be
and what I will do
Sure, I have dreams
but that’s not enough
and this isn’t easy
it’s really quite tough
But do I really
need to know?
can anyone but God
know how the wind will blow?
and so I leave
this in His hands
He loves me forever
and has incredible plans

Friday, September 5, 2014

Writing On My Soul

My soul meets its equal
it blooms like a rose
God takes up His pen
and begins to compose
pink, honey sunsets
bursting new life
writing on my soul
music, love
sweet sacrifice
writing on my soul
inscribing them forever
never to forget
unearthly, holy language
in flaming, graceful script
at times the pen is heavy
etching on my soul
carving painful stories
burning tender holes
it weeps for its kindred
who cry out in despair
touched by their struggle
and strengthened in prayer
eternally united
in one timeless goal
to love without end
for this works my soul

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Never To Be Forgotten

Close your eyes
Deep breath
There’s the signal
Take a step
Down the aisle
Two by two
Past the people
Smiling at you
Bubbles rising
In my chest
I’m feeling eager
And feeling stressed
I’m feeling broken
And feeling blessed
I cannot breathe
My heart’s gone wild
My name is called
Stand up and smile
Standing tall
Before the crowd
Feeling scared
But feeling proud
I’m getting dizzy
My vision’s blurred
There’s the paper!
Read the words!
No. Don’t read.
Speak! You’re fine!
The strength is God’s
The words are mine
Who gave me words?
Give Him the praise
He who loves all
And sets hearts ablaze
Touch the hearts
That first touched you
There go the tears
And they’re crying, too
Don’t you ever forget.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Music's Wings

Music’s Wings
by Megan Amelotte

The string is brushed
the note is played
the soul is touched
the musical sound is born.
So innocent, so sweet.
To rest upon that note
lean against its curve
melt into its harmony
to float away on that sound
is to never again touch the ground
taking off on music’s wings.
There is no voice
like the voice of my soul when it sings.
To fly high into a world of colors
only seen by the ears.
A musical soul can see when it hears.
To never again see the earth below
only the miles of sky left to cover
as the birds fly by
and the angels, too
as God paints the sky
a foreign blue
a blue that is only
known to the soul
for it is music
that makes me whole.

Friday, August 2, 2013

The Silver Pathway

The Silver Pathway
By Megan Amelotte

I look out across a blue horizon,
the sun reflecting off the sea,
creating a pathway of silver coins
that Jesus walks across to me.
With a brush He paints the sunset,
with colors so vibrant and bright.
The reflecting coins turn copper,
Dazzling the world with their light.
He sinks the sun into the distant waves,
from the sea the moon is pulled.
He throws it up into the sky,
to be rocked in sleepy hold.
The sea and sky are painted black;
in the sky the moon holds tight.
The waves stroke tired shore;
the pathway of coins turns white.
From the path Jesus takes thousands of coins,
throws them into the great scroll of sky,
where they shine down as stars,
smiling from their perch so high.
I look out across a black horizon,
the moon reflecting off the sea,
creating a pathway of stunning white coins
that Jesus walks across to me.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


-by Megan Amelotte
I lean against the window
take in the breeze, the air, the wind.
Its scent, its calming touch
calls out to me.
My soul recognizes the wind
and knows it as its own.
For the wind and my soul are the same,
pure, strong, crafted by God.
In the same way,
my soul knows music.
The God in me, my inner fiber,
hears the soulful sound in music
and knows it as pure.
My soul feels nature,
trees, flowers, grass,
and sees God’s craftsmanship
and sees it to be holy.
My eyes see the clouds, the sky,
the brilliant sunset.
The eyes of my heart, of my soul
look upon these with longing,
for they are genuine works of the Lord.
My eyes see humans, people,
and my soul sees them as God’s own,
sees them as good.
My soul sees no bad people,
for there are none,
only pure souls.
I look into the eyes of those I love
and our eyes are the opening
of our souls.
Through connection of glances
forms a connection of souls.
It is through eyes
that souls are touched.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

He accepted the cross, and the pain
for every person in every nation.
His loss and agony was for our gain,
His cross became our foundation.
He cried tears for the people who mocked Him.
He prayed for those who deceived Him.
Jesus told us that He would rise again.
He lives in those who believe Him.
His last few minutes of strength
granted from above.
His arms outstretched
in an everlasting sign of love.