Thursday, May 21, 2015


To expect a mountain
but receive a stone
To feel so united
and then so alone
To set a kite flying
and see how it soars
But someone else’s kite
is faster than yours
To build a grand palace
made of hope and pride
To see that it only
was real in your mind
Humility is not
letting defeat prevail
It’s a choice to be glad
when you win or you fail

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


A fear I once thought
had fallen away
tickled the soft walls
of my heart today
Yet the thing itself
the object of my fear
was not what urged
my blind eyes to tear
What squirmed in my mind
what quivered each bone
was the thought of having
to face it alone


Oh, mankind, we are blind!
They happen all around us
But we expect fireworks or magic
We look for the glaring, the great,
The fantastical!
And we forget the simple
The common, the unappreciated
Should the greatness
or the scale of something
determine its value or worth?
The world will tell its pretty lies
and its terrible, hideous truths
So we’d rather accept the lies
than take the truth
and try to make it better
Don’t let reality
-or fantasy-
steal our little miracles
Our smiles, our words, our life!
And our beautiful love
Reality twists even love
and fashions its counterfeits
Reason and science
scream their rules
and Thomas will keep his doubts
The world will shout its structure
and its chaos
and try to take our miracles
But miracles will always exist
for those who recognize them

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Not a hanging word
Not a sighing act
Not a shameful flag
Not a sword crashing down
It lingers in the eyes
Eyes like broken glass
Eyes a lazy gray
like cigarette smoke
swirling with the embers
of fading flames
With drooping lids
like lonely curtains
closing out the light
It rests on the hands
like a shadow glove
Hands with pencil bones
and grandfather lines
that whisper stories
It whistles out
with every breath
It tears the soul
like a knife through a sail
A sobbing farewell
Goodbye! Goodbye!
Like falling through
a sea of sheets
thin and soft
But it is not a bullet
Nor a dagger
Not final nor concrete
The wise can wear it
like a gliding cape
to give them wings
and fly to victory

Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Escape Route

My weary spine so bent
My aching skin so pale
So worn and deathly thin
Ever bleeding black tales
My mind an endless wood
A vast forest of words
Where troubles fall like leaves
And worries become blurred
A lonely, patient friend
I yearn to be your choice
I’ll spill all my secrets
If you lend me your voice
My soft, secret laughter
Can burn empires down
My tears for the sunrise
Can rid kings of their crowns
I’m a glistening sword
I’m a fragmented heart
I’m a curious cave
I’m an end and a start
I’m a lens, I’m a shield
I’m a doorway, an inn
A constant companion
With butterfly wing skin

Friday, January 2, 2015


I choke on a sigh
I softly cry
I wonder why
you have to go
And even though
I know, I know
I’ll see you again
I don’t know when
It could be a month, it could be ten
This goodbye feels like forever
but I never would have thought it, never
that we’d get this time at all
and we really had a ball
I hope you won’t forget too fast
I pray to God that it will last
I hope you’ll keep coming back here
Don’t let our friendship disappear
This place will always be your home
No matter where or how far you roam
And I will always, always love you

Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Inexperienced Carpenter

I built my roof out of feathers
I built my walls out of sand
I built my floor out of clouds
and it looked very grand
But then came the wind
 and the waves and the rain
and I had to build
my house up again